Friday, June 26, 2020

Well what's new

I'm testing the New Blogger.  The week I have been having this probably won't be easy for this old woman but willing to try!!
This is my beautiful granddaughter Stella.
Okay so far so good!! Lets add one more picture and link it to Heartfelt Creations.

Well shut my mouth and praise the Lord!!!!  It worked!! LOL


Darlene said...

GOOD JOB!!! LOL yes I've been using the new blogger for about a month now. Everything is still there, some things are just in a different place or you may have to do a few more steps to do the same thing you did before in one step! LOL I'm sure you'll have it all mastered in no time. The one thing that took me awhile to find where where to ADD NEW POST in the new set up ... THEN discovered that big orange circle in the lower right corner with a PLUS sign ... viola ... THAT's where I need to go now! geesh! LOL

Ms. Linda said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful.

The car is a wow. Love it.

Thank you for sharing the beauty talents you display is paper craft and card making.
I wait daily to see what beauty you have crafted with displaying your wonderful skills.