Monday, February 14, 2011


I am so excited! My dear sweet friend Selma sent me this award. Thank you so much, I am so honored that you thought of me!
I met Selma about 2 1/2 years ago on StampTV. I love her cards and project. She is one fantastic talented lady!!!! I wanta be just like her when I grow up hehe. We also team together at Heartfelt Creations, and have worked together on other blogs. I treasure her friendship! Thanks Selma!!!
Here are the Rules of Award Acceptance:
Right-click on the award and save it to your desktop for use when you add it to your blog.
Choose FIVE (5) worthy recipients and list them. Next to their blog name, give ONE reason why you think their blog is special. What catches your eye about them? What do you love?
On your blog page, list 5 things about yourself. Include at least one thing you enjoy about your craft.
It was very hard to narrow this down because I have such a long list of "favorite" blogs, but I am happy to present this beautiful award to the following FIVE recipients. In no particular order, they are:
RoseMary at I just love the smile on her face and the minute I open her blog I fell like signing!!!! It just puts me in such a good cheerful happy mood!!!! She does gorgeous creations too!!!!
Mary Anne at Although we have never met face to face, I think of her as a sister, her cards take your breath away, the way she explains how she does them is always so easy to follow.
Patti at Her blog is just as clean and neat as her house is. She is one remarkable lady. We don't live very far from each other and keep saying we are gonna get together for a play day and not got around to it yet. But we will, the world will never be the same LOL.
Theresa at She is the type of lady who always has her I's dotted and T's crossed. Her blog is so in order!!!! Any time I need help with my blog she's the one I call. I can never get my back ground to stay right so I ask and she does it for me. She's fantastic!!!!
Angelica at The minute I open her blog this fantastic song starts playing and I start keep beat to it! She has the most beautiful daughter and her hubby ain't bad either, just a awesome looking family. Very talented. I was thrilled when she sent me one of her cards for my birthday, it was priceless!!!!
It was hard to make just one comment about each of the above blogs. Please take a few minutes to visit each of these recipients' blogs. You'll find inspiration there, for sure! All are very talented ladies!!!
Now 5 things about myself: (this is always hard for me)
1. I love to make cards and /or scrapbook. It's my drug I guess, although drugs may be cheaper LOL.
2. God Blessed me by letting me be on the design team for Heartfelt Creations! I love that company, fantastic stamps!!!!
3. Bandit is my second Pom, Prissy was my first and died when she was 8, who knew I loved that little girl that much. I cried for weeks.
4.I have the most wonderful blogging friends in the world. I dearly love each and everyone. Most don't even know me and take time every day to comment. That really touches me.
5. I'm just country. Wear my jeans, say yall, ain't that sweet and tell it like it is. There's only one God and I'm his.
Again, thanks Selma, you one sweet wonderful lady!!!


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

What a perfect award for you, so deserving, your work is gorgeous!!!! Love to read and get to know ya! I am so country, but have not started to say "fixin" yet. :)Enjoy!!!

Lori said...


Rosemary said...

oh olga!! thank you so much for the sweet, sweet things you said! you have brought a big smile to my face and tears to my eyes!!

Angelica said...

Thank you so much Olga for such a beautiful comment, it sure has put a smile on my face.

CraftinGranny said...

A much deserved award my friend. Now I've got to catch up with the posts below I've missed out on this week. Just been one of those weeks. "hugs" Carol

Sue said...

Congratulations! Always love learning new things about you. I am fixin to go to bed now y'all. See you in blogland tomorrow.