Sunday, August 9, 2009

Award from Kerri

Today I received an award from my friend Kerri. Thank you!
Now this award comes with some conditions firstly I have to give you 5 things I like to do, and the pass it on to 5 people, so here are my 5 things:
1. I love spending time with my children and grandchildren.
2. I love shopping.
3. I love spending time with my friends.
4. I love my card making - even though I don't get enough of this
5. I love my home.

1. Linda
2. Jennie
3. Selma
4. Mary Ann
5. Patti


Patti said...

Wow Olga, Thank you so much! I am so blessed with my cyber friends!

Payne Holler Cards said...

thank you so much for thinking of me!!!! love roses ...big smile here :) LOL, Linda

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Thanks so much, Olga! Hope I can think of 5 to send it too! Remember, I am new! I assume I assume I just right click and save that picture?